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Geo+Business Learning Center Site Improvements
by Eric Colburn - Tuesday, 10 November 2015, 2:23 PM
We are pleased to announce the new and improved Geo+Business Learning Center. With improved functionality and design, we are confident that students will find this site is now easier to use, more functional and better looking, too!

You will find several minor updates over the course of the next ...

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Available courses

Join us for this informative AutoCAD Civil 3D Points Basics 5-week course presented by Eric Colburn, PLS. At the conclusion of this course you will understand how Points work and are used in AutoCAD Civil 3D. 


Week 1

  • A brief introduction to intro to AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • LDD points vs. AutoCAD Civil 3D Points

Week 2

  • Workflow for Points
  • Creating and editing Points

Week 3

  • Point Styles
  • Point Label Styles

Week 4

  • Point Description Keys
  • Point Groups

Week 5

  • Importing Points from files and Survey Databases
  • Point tables

In this AutoCAD Civil 3D: Survey Field to Finish Webinar Replay you will see and learn how to setup and use AutoCAD Civil 3D as a Field to Finish solution. Professional land surveyor and geo-business innovator Eric Colburn has extensive experience in using AutoCAD Civil 3D since it was first released in 2004 and he has been training land surveyors, engineers and designers to use and leverage AutoCAD Civil 3D to their improve their work and business bottom lines since 2008.

This is specifically what you will learn in this must see webinar:

  • What setup you need to make AutoCAD Civil 3D work as a Field to Finish workhorse (you'll learn which styles, codes and description key file setup for all the AutoCAD Civil 3D objects used in this webinar).
  • Managing and editing typical survey Data (creating, editing and importing .fbk files and point files)
  • Working with and leveraging the Survey Database features
  • Creating automated line work from your field work
  • Working with and creating Figures (both automated and manual)
  • Traverse Balance and Adjustment (Compass and Least Squares Adjustment)
  • Working with Points (Point Styles, Point Label Styles, Point Groups) from worksheet to finished plan
  • Creating an Alignment for an existing highway line and easily add station and offset labels
  • Parcel creation and adding Parcel Labels in a highly automated way (incl. bearings, distances and parcel area)
  • Surface creation, edits, contours and contour labels (and how to automate the surface creation process)
  • Adding miscellaneous labels and notes
  • Making your survey drawing plan ready

Learn about common pitfalls and MAJOR MISTAKES many surveyors make when converting their legacy surveying data to AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Specifically, in this webinar you will learn:

  • How to Accurately Convert Legacy .DWG Files
  • How to Convert Land Desktop Points
  • How to Replace Softdesk Point Blocks
  • How to Convert AutoCAD Points
  • What to do with Legacy File False Coordinate Locations
  • What to do with Legacy File North Rotation
  • Common Coordinate System Mistakes Users Make
  • Converting the Rest of Your .DWG File

Join Eric Colburn, PLS - The Geo+Business Innovator - for this intensive webinar on how to use AutoCAD Civil 3D Point Groups. At the conclusion of this webinar you will understand how Point Groups work, are used by AutoCAD Civil 3D and effective strategies for drafting your surveying and engineering plans. 

Specifically, in this webinar you will learn:

  • How to Create Point Groups
  • How to Edit Point Groups
  • Point Description Keys Integration
  • Override Procedures
  • Point Group Features and Editing
  • Advanced Point Filtering
  • Point Label Display for Your Plans
  • Point Marker Display for Your Plans
  • Using Point Groups for Tasks
  • Using point Groups to Create surfaces
  • Point Group Strategies for Drafting Plans

Join us for the on-demand replay of the Introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D Points Webinar. This webinar has limited free seating for the first 25 attendees. At the conclusion of this webinar you will understand how Points work and are used by AutoCAD Civil 3D. 

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • LDT points vs. AutoCAD Civil 3D Points
  • Workflow for Points
  • Creating and editing Points
  • Point Styles
  • Point Label Styles
  • Point Description Keys
  • Point Groups
  • Importing Points from files and Survey Databases Point tables

Learn How To Create, Edit and Label AutoCAD Civil 3D Surfaces

This webcast shows you how to create, edit and label Surfaces. First, you'll learn how to setup Surface Styles and Surface Label Styles in order to display and work with the following:

  • Contours
  • Slope
  • Spot Elevation
  • Watershed Surface
  • Table Styles

Primary Session Objectives:

  • Create Surfaces from Points
  • Apply a Surface Style
  • Edit Surfaces
  • Label Contours and Spot Elevations
  • How to Paste a Surface

Learn how to create and define your brand identity, and learn how to launch that brand successfully.

In this free workshop we will answer the question, "How do you create a brand identity that is deliberate and calculated, from concept to launch?" We will discuss

  • What is a brand/brand identity?
  • How to create an identity and define your brand.
  • Resources to use to effectively name a brand.
  • Social and cultural factors to keep in mind when defining your identity.
  • How to successfully launch your brand without undermining the work you have done.
  • Professionals to go to in crafting brand identity and awareness.

Attend, learn, and get:

  • At the conclusion of this webinar you will learn how to effectively create and define a brand identity, whether it be for your own company or for a client's.

In this course you'll get hands-on experience using DatuGram™3D from beginning to end by working with real data collected in the field for a real surveying and mapping project. Then you can export the final work to your CAD software. The algorithms running in the background may be very complex, but, as you will see, the process of using DatuGram™3D is very simple and easy.

Free DatuGram™3D Webinar: The Revolution of Surveying with Regular Cameras held Thursday September 25, 2014 2:00pm (EDT)

Datumate Live Webinar Description:

Driven by the rapid evolution of digital photography and personal computing in recent years, regular cameras rapidly change the way surveyors work worldwide. This Datumate Live Webinar will review:

  • The principles of making measurements and drafting directly on images of regular cameras
  • Introduce multiple real-life case studies of surveying projects using regular cameras
  • Provide practical hands-on best practices for using regular cameras for 1:250 scale surveying projects

Presented By: Eric Colburn, PLS

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